CRMPA– was created in 1991 as a non-profit, public/private research entity of the University of Salerno. Since its creation, it has been a reference point for Industrial Research subjects for many ICT and SME companies, both on a national and international level.     

CRMPA has been a promoter of important National and International initiatives, such as the “European Network of Excellence in Computational Logic Compulog Net”, and a main player in the network of Italian consortiums promoted by ENEL and the Center for Digital-Compaq Competencies for Altavista technologies.

The company organizational structure, before the current configuration, was modeled after High-Tech American companies and characterized by strong synergies between University environments, the world of Industrial Research and the business world. 

Throughout the years, CRMPA has played an important social role locally by providing approximately a great number of  young graduates the opportunity to develop specialized skills and professional experience, providing them with easier access to work opportunities. 

The Centre has also participated in calls for tender, also dealing with the design phase, and in numerous National and European projects, as Trustee and / or co-proponent, in the following ICT based Areas of Expertise:

  • Learning e Knowledge technologies
  • Future Internet 




Over the years, CRMPA has had numerous recognition:

  • 1993: CRMPA was assigned the role as a scientific-technological reference in the Irpinia Park. This later gave way to the creation of the PST of Salerno and Inland Areas of Campania. 
  • 1994: CRMPA was accredited by the Ministry of Universities and Scientific Research and was registered as a highly qualified research laboratory.  This allowed CRMPA to become a reference point for SMEs. 
  • 2000: Included in the 6/2000 Law Table for Scientific culture and dissemination.
  • 2001: UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 (ISO 9001:2000) Certification.
  • 2002: PROACT chose the “InTraServ” project to represent it together with four other European Community projects at the “Online Educa Berlin” World Fair.
  • 2003: The Rome offices at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” DIS – (Department of Information Technology and Systems “Antonio Ruberti” were opened. 
  • 2003: Nominated as Responsible for Production on behalf of the European Commission within the program “EU-US Cooperation in Science and Technology in e-learning” financed by the EU and the National Science Foundation.
  • 2004: The offices in Pisa at CNR-ISTI –  Institute of Information Science and Technologies “Alessandro Faedo” were opened. 
  • 2004: The ELeGI project won first place in the Sixth Framework Program for TEL – Technical Enhanced Learning.  
  • 2004: Designated representative of the European Union at the National Science Foundation.
  • 2005: CRMPA won first place in the EU’s IPPA (Integrated Programme Portfolio Analysis) in the Sixth Framework  IST Program.
  • 2006: Participation in European projects, such as QUALYPSO, BREIN and BEinGRID (IST VI FP) – Grid technology.
  • 2010: CRMPA participates in the EU VII FP European Projects such as ALICE and ARISTOTELE.
  • 2010: CRMPA participates as a partner in the “Bando Industria 2015 – MISE - Made in Italy” with  FOOD EXPLOITATION, SENSATIONAL and INVIMALL projects. 
  • 2010: UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, EA-33, 37 Sector certification.
  • 2011: CRMPA was awarded a number of National Operational Projects; started collaboration with Hamastar – IT Group from Taiwan.
  • 2012: ALICE Research project ended, receiving excellent judgment from the European Community.