CRMPA has always carried out an intense activity of scientific dissemination and technology transfer, with a commitment to valorize the historical – scientific and cultural heritage. The centre performs activities in the areas of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Information and Communication Technology, an is particularly concerned with the applications of these subjects and themes to Electronic, Physics, Industrial Automation, Engineering, Economics,  Learning and Knowledge, Public Administration.

CRMPA also performs technology transfer and application develoment with the aim to promote new methodologies, processes and technologies. 

In order to achieve its objectives, CRMPA performs, among the others, the following activities:  

    • promotes and coordinates basic, applied and industrial research;
    • promotes and develops planning and execution of scientific and technological programs with regards to research, development and application;
    • promotes scientific and technology dissemination, contributing to spread the knowledge in general, and also creating suitable and well-equipped spaces, like scientific and technological museums, as well as exploiting modern technologies and telematic networks; 
    • encourages and coordinates collaboration and consulting activities to international, national and local organizations and more generally related to the public interest;
    • encourages and develops collaboration, also through provision of services on behalf of third parties, with the economic and production world and with local entities; 
    • organizes conferences, seminars, schools, courses and specifically dedicated semester and year modules; 
    • organizes advanced and special-purpose courses, as well as informative and/or training courses;  
    • provides real services and technology transfer for the benefit of local productive settings.